June 5, 1963

Wednesday June 5, 1963

This is UPI world radio news, I’m Herbert Gordon.

A federal judge today barred defiant Governor George C. Wallace from his avowed doorway stand against enrollment of Negroes at the University of Alabama. The injunction, by U.S. District Court judge Seybourn H. Lynne prohibits physically interfering with court-ordered desegregation. Wallace, who repeatedly has said he will keep Negroes from entering the university, reiterated last night that he will stand alone to confront the students.

President Kennedy weighed in on the integration issue as well, urging 100 business leaders at a Washington meeting with Secretary of Labor W. Willard Wirtz, to move faster in breaking down racial barriers in Southern stores, restaurants and theaters.

Now, Kingsport local news. This morning in an interview at Kingsport College, a top spokesman for the Black Muslim movement, Malcolm X, weighed in on civil rights developments by criticizing Reverend Martin Luther King as “the best weapon the white man has ever gotten in this country.” The Nation of Islam advocates complete separation of Negroes and whites. Malcolm X is in Kingsport visiting Temple No. 14 of the Nation of Islam in Martin’s Beach for the next few days.

Weather tomorrow with an expected high of 87 degrees, 72 percent humidity, with scattered showers in the afternoon and evening. Visibility expected to be poor overnight, a fog warning in effect for Kingsport Bay starting at midnight.

June 5, 1963

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